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About the Foundation
The Honouring Eva Foundation was founded on January 26 2010. The foundation is committed to making the Core Energetic training open to everyone. Core Energetics is a form of psychotherapy. Its goal is to enhance consciousness, deepen feelings and cultivate inner strength. The foundation is also committed to support workshops, lectures and other activities concerning Core Energetics.

The Foundation’s name is an expression of our appreciation for Eva Pierrakos and her work. Her vision is brought forth worldwide by a growing number of therapists working with the Core Energetics method


Why support the Foundation?
Large scale change starts with an individual’s own healing. By the virtues of the work, healing spreads, community grows and the more unity we create in the world. Thanks to this approach, a wide diversity of people have experienced a meaningful turning point in their lives.
The scholarship fund seeks to provide financial support to people with to start and/or continue their studies in Core Energetics.

Looking for core energetic literature? You will find many of the books for the core energetics training here. We could really appreciate if you would choose the Honouring Eva Foundation as the charity to which YouBeDo.com will donate 10%.  


Website: http://www.coreenergetica.nl